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1.1 These general conditions of sale and use hereby indicated (hereinafter the "General Conditions") shall apply to both the EU and Italian territories. The General conditions are regulated by the Directive 2011/83/Eu of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights. These General Conditions shall be applied exclusively to online purchases.
1.2 Company details
Tenartis di Tenderini Giovanbattista
Via Quattro Venti 39B
23834 Premana (LC), Italy
Tax Code: TND GNB 64R28 A745N
VAT N. IT 03515220139
Registration: R.E.A. LECCO N. 318929
Phone: +39 349 401 7576
1.3 This document is legally binding for both parties, as it is the agreement between the web user, also mentioned as the "Buyer", and Tenartis di Tenderini Giovanbattista (hereinafter "Tenartis"). By using our navigation services on our site and our ecommerce services you are requested to accept our General Conditions hereby listed.


2.1 Tenartis allows all users to purchase products (hereinafter the "Products") offered on its Site. The Site allows purchases only to users that:
a) Being a natural or a legal person, legally represented, having read and accepted the section on privacy policy, have correctly filled in the registration form as per paragraph n.3;
b) Have read and accepted the General Conditions before the purchase;
2.2 Tenartis shall retain the right to prevent the use of our Site to those who act in breach of these "General Conditions".
2.3 Any changes and/or new clauses shall come into force upon their posting in the "General Conditions for ecommerce" on the Site.
2.4 Should any changes occur, the applicable version of the General Conditions shall be the one posted on our site when the Buyer sends the purchase order summary (hereinafter "Purchase Order"). Therefore, may we suggest users to visit this section regularly, in order to verify the updated version.
2.5 Should Buyers refuse to accept the changes in our General Conditions, they shall refrain from purchasing products on our portal and will be entitled to ask for cancellation of their registration.


3.1 In order to be able to purchase products on the Site it is necessary to go through a registration procedure.
3.2 Getting registered allows the Buyers to avoid writing their personal data each time they want to purchase a product. It also allows for tracking shipments, processing claims and returns.
3.3 In order to safeguard quality and security of our ecommerce website, we retain the right to refuse a new registration or to cancel an "account" at any time, should it be involved in illicit activities.
3.4 Should you fail to register and accept our General Conditions you will not be able to purchase any products on our site.
3.5 Buyers can register either by filling in our registration form or by using their Facebook or Google account. In either case, Buyers will need a password to log in, that can be changed at any time. The registration will be confirmed via email, that we will send to the email address provided by the Buyer. Username/email address and password represent "Registration Credentials" and Buyers will need them to access our platform.
3.6 All Registration Credentials are personal and cannot be given to third parties.
3.7 Registration Credentials can be changed by users at any time, by accessing our site and following this pattern: My Account – My Personal Information. Should Buyers believe that their credentials have been stolen, lost or misused, they are required to inform Tenartis.
3.8 By registering Buyers are required to provide correct and true data and accept liability for any false or fraudulent information, and for all kinds of behaviour, which might be prosecuted. Buyers also accept to keep Tenartis harmless from any sanctions, compensation requests linked to and/or deriving from any breach of registration rules. Buyers are responsible for accessing their own account by using the Registration Credentials assigned to them. They are also liable for any damage or prejudice caused to our platform performed via their Registration Credentials.
3.9 Any activity performed through a set of Registration Credentials shall be considered as carried out by the Buyer whom those Registration Credentials are associated with.
3.10 All registrations shall be carried out by using legally active email addresses. Any profiles created with the email address belonging to a different person, or a temporary email, an email address already in use or a non-validated email address, may not be accepted. The registration procedure may not be finalised or, if finalised, the profile may be cancelled with no previous notification.
3.11 Users can cancel their Account by contacting us through the Contact us page.


4.1 Tenartis check the quality of each product on sale on the site and the manufacturers (hereinafter the "Manufacturers") are chosen at the end of a thorough examination that proves without doubt their competence and reliability. Their trademarks are visible on our Site next to each Product for sale.
4.2 The following information on the Goods for sale are an integral part of the sale contract between Tenartis and the Buyer: the present General Terms and Conditions, trademark, Product name, Products variations, price, Product availability, transport modes, shipping costs, delivery methods and times, payment terms.
4.3 All images and descriptions of products posted on our site are provided by Manufacturers. They keep Tenartis harmless from any liabilities related to any discrepancies between the ordered product and its description on the site. Nevertheless, in case of any grave discrepancies the Buyer has the right to terminate the contract or to a price reduction.
4.4 All prices on the Site are indicated in Euro (€), unless differently specified in the Product data sheet. All prices on the Site are VAT included. Shipping costs are calculated according to the delivery place location and are listed separately. Delivery times indicated correspond to a minimum and maximum estimated delivery dates.
4.5 Goods for sale on the site may have limited quantities or may be available for a limited time. Buyers shall always check for availability next to each Product.


5.1 Buyers can buy one or more Products posted on the Site by clicking on the button "Add to cart". Once all the desired articles are in the cart, the Buyers can buy the Products by clicking on the button "Proceed to checkout". The following steps of the purchasing procedure will need a registration to the Site.
5.2 During the purchasing procedure Buyers can add their personal data, shipping address of the goods, data for possible invoicing, selected payment method, authentication credentials for payment. After filling in the form, Buyers have the chance to check and edit the data. Once data are validated, Buyers can finally send the Order (hereinafter "Purchase order") by clicking on the Payment option button and following the instructions to complete payment.
5.3 The order placed by the Buyer will be considered as an offer to purchase, valid for the items listed in the order. The Buyer shall receive an "Order Confirmation" email in case of payment by Paypal or Credit Card, or a "Order Summary" email, in case of payment by bank transfer. The automatic emails will state that the order has been successfully transmitted to our systems, and do not not constitute acceptance of the offer, which will be completed only upon verification of data and availability of the products required. The purchase contract will be finalized only when the item(s) are labeled as "Processing" in the Buyer's reserved area "Orders", available on the website.
5.4 Sending a Purchase Order is an irrevocable commitment by the Buyer to perform a purchase. It can be put under scrutiny only when provided for by the Italian Law and regarding the "Right of Withdrawal".
5.5 All Purchase Orders are recorded on the Site and Buyers can see them at any time by accessing the Site under the section named “My Orders”. Once the Purchase Order has been sent, Buyers shall receive an Order Recap in their mailbox, at the email address provided in the Registration Form. The Order Recap shall bear all the elements of our contract, such as: product specifications, its price, selected payment method, shipping costs, delivery time. Nevertheless, Buyers are advised to keep the email received as proof of their purchase, by recording it on electronic media.
5.6 The payment can be made via Paypal, Credit Card (via PayPal), via Bank Transfer or Sofort.
5.7 In case of payment by credit card, Paypal or Sofort, the Buyer shall receive an "Order Confirmation" email to state that the order has been correctly transmitted and the payment has been successfully received. All payment information input by the Buyer in financial circuits (credit card number, security codes) is managed through a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol connection and shall not be recorded in our systems in any way.
5.8 In case of payment by bank transfer, the Buyer shall receive the "Order Summary" via email, which lists all the purchased items and includes instructions to pay via bank transfer. After Tenartis has verified that the relevant amount has been credited on its bank account, the Buyer shall receive the "Order Confirmation" email.
5.9 In case of payment by bank transfer, verification cannot take longer than 3 (three) days from the payment order sent by Buyers to their bank. Buyers can speed up this process by sending a bank transfer receipt to the following email address:
5.10 Should Tenartis fail to receive payment (via credit card or via bank transfer) within 5 (five) days from the date of the Purchase Order, it shall reserve the right to cancel the order.
5.11 Tenartis has the right to reject, at its sole discretion, any purchase order coming from any user, that might seem peculiar in relation to the price applied, the quantity of items purchased or frequency of performed purchases.
5.13 It is hereby agreed and stipulated that Tenartis shall start all Order processing operations just upon receiving the confirmation of payment by the Buyer.


6.1 Buyers shall request specific fiscal or accounting documents during the Purchasing Procedure. In particular, legal persons may specify their VAT number and require the invoice for their Purchase Order to be sent by Tenartis via email. Due to administrative reasons, the issuance of purchase invoices requested after the order may not be guaranteed.
6.2 All invoices shall be issued as per the information provided by the Buyer in the Purchase Data section of the Site. For this reason Buyers are kindly requested to verify such information thoroughly.

The version of these General Conditions in Italian is the definitive legal version. Translations into German, French, English and Spanish are available for your ease of reference only