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Personal Care

Browse through our wide range of beauty and personal care implements: nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nose, beard & hair scissors, hair tweezers, manicure sets, nail files, cuticle trimmer.  Choose the product that best suits your needs among the subcategories shown below.

Personal Care 

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  • Face

    A wide range of high quality tweezers and scissors for facial care. Hair tweezers available in many different colours, safety ear and nose scissors with round tips. For professional and home use.

  • Beard & Moustache

    Discover our range of high quality scissors for moustache and beard grooming, as well as round tip scissors to cut nose and ears hair. Made in Italy by the skilled craftsmen of Premana - the most important european cutlery district - and used by thousands of beard enthusiasts and barbers across Europe. You also will find shampoo, balm, oil and wax to maintain healthy your beard and moustache.

  • Hair

    Buy online top quality and exclusive Hair Care Products at unbeatable prices and discover our range of Hair Scissors Made in Italy by the skilled craftsmen of Premana, the most important european cutlery district. Hairdressing scissors for cutting and thinning for home and professional use.

  • Hands & Feet

    A wide range of tools for the care of your hands and feet. Here you can find nail scissors, cuticle scissors, nail clippers and pliers, files and many other implements for professional and home use.

  • Manicure Sets

    Discover our wide range of manicure and pedicure set. Genuine leather cases containing professional quality implements manufactured in Italy by the skilled craftsmen of Premana, the most important european cutlery district. Manicure and pedicure kits in various styles, colors and sizes, from the smallest - with only nail scissors and nail file - to the largest one with nail and cuticle scissors, toenail nippers, nail clippers, nail file, hair tweezers and much more.

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