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BaruffladiBio for Men Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and Lotion, Anti-Dandruff and Greasy Hair Shampoo, Shower-Shampoo. An exclusive line of hair care products for men with high concentration of active ingredients of plants and natural substances.

BARUFFALDIBIO is our new line for treating skin and hair conditions based on certified plant of natural ingredients and Essentials oils. Our line is designed for an increasingly discerning clientele, who cares about the natural and environmentally sustainable quality of the raw materials and ingredients used.


Every product of this line is formulated with wild medicinal herbs from Valtellina, with high concentration of active ingredients of plants and natural substances and their healing and soothing properties, with Essential oils and their multiple benefits and pleasant fragrances, and without PEGs, silicones, parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, ingredients of animal origin, formaldehyde, sLs/sLes, eDTA or colourings.

BaruffaldiBio for Men products:

  • Coadjuvant Anti-Hair Loss BIO Shampoo with Rosemary Extract 250 ml/8.45 Fl.oz.

  • Coadjuvant Anti-Hair Loss BIO Lotion with Rosemary Extract 10x8 ml/0.27 Fl.oz.

  • Coadjuvant Anti-Dandruff BIO Shampoo with Sage Leaf and Extract of Epilobium 250 ml/8.45 Fl.oz.

  • BIO Shampoo for Greasy Hair with Ivy Extract 250 ml/8.45 Fl.oz.

  • BIO Shower-Shampoo Energy with Spruce Extract and Essential Oil of Eucalyptus 400 ml/13.52 Fl.oz.

Made in Italy

The production of our products was possible thanks to cooperation with the ISTITUTO ECOLOGICO EDELWEISS which has been producing cosmetics with full respect to nature since the 80s, using natural and plant ingredients and highly ecologically sustainable certified production processes.
This process of realization is PATENTED BY SYNYS: from the natural harvesting of the medicinal herbs from Valtellina fully respecting the landscape and recognising when the plants have their highest concentration of active ingredients, to the finished product.
The osmotic and symbiotic relationship, the continuous interaction between the plant and the product, is also patent protected. BARUFFALDIBIO line is unique in its dynamicity and naturally effective.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
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